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Inflatable Tent Hire and Marquee Hire Structures in the West Yorkshire Area

Below we’ve listed the dimensions of each of the structures we offer as part of our inflatable tent hire and festival marquee hire services. If you’re interested in hiring one around the West Yorkshire, Manchester, Liverpool or Birmingham areas, or indeed anywhere in the UK, give us a call right away.

Yellow Dome Tent

Size: 20m length x 20m width x 5m height - Capacity: 1000

Purple oval tent diagram

Purple Oval Tent

Size: 27m length x 15m width x 5m height - Capacity:1000

Tilted Pyramid Tent

Size: 17m length x 17m width x 5m height - Capacity: 300-500

Square Tent

Size: 25m length x 15m width x 5m height Capacity: 900

All the above tents are perfect for festivals and large parties.

Larger Structures

Smaller Structures

Spider Tent

Size: 6.5m length x 6.5m width x 3m height - Capacity: 40

Modular Tent

Size: 12m length x 8m width x 5m height - Capacity: 200 each

The spider and modular tent are perfect to be used at festivals and large parties and also can be used for smaller private functions.

The modular tents can be attached to one another to make larger event spaces.

Interested in hiring any of the above structures? Please call our West Yorkshire inflatable tent hire specialists today on 0113 440 0511.