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Why Inflatable Tent Hire is Becoming More Popular in Manchester

Marquee hire and inflatable tent hire are becoming increasingly popular events solutions among the people of Manchester and the wider UK. But why is demand for inflatable tent hire growing? Here are a few reasons why.



4 Reasons to Use Inflatable Marquee Hire in Manchester


  1. Quick and Easy Set-Up – Why go to the hassle and expense of having a traditional marquee set-up, with all its individual parts needing to be painstakingly joined together, when it’s going to be taken down in a matter of days or even hours? Manchester clients appreciate how quick and easy it is to set-up and de-rig when investing in inflatable tent hire. A small structure can be up and ready to go in under 15-minutes.
  2. Insulation – Inflatable structures have an air cavity between their two layers of fabric. This makes them very well insulated and protected from cold or warm temperatures in both the summer and winter. As part of our festival marquee hire service we can install heating or air conditioning which further regulates the interior temperature, making it highly comfortable for all guests inside.
  3. Striking Design – There are a wide variety of structures available to our inflatable tent hire clients, from the unique Quality Street-esque Purple Oval tent, to the much smaller, distinctive Spider tent. Aesthetically, inflatable structures are much more interesting and modern than traditional marquees.
  4. Spacious and Clean – As this form of marquee hire doesn’t require poles or traditional, interior support structures, the space you’re afforded is far cleaner and there’s more of it to make use of. Some of our structures can accommodate up to 1,000 people. This makes us a great option for Manchester clients hosting a corporate conference, as well as a great choice for festival marquee hire.


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